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Our site is currently undergoing changes at the moment.  If you require any educational information, please reach out to us via Contact Us and a staff member will be happy to get back to you.

Studyonlinebc.ca is a portal providing easy and quick access to information about online programs and courses available from public colleges, universities and other education and training providers in British Columbia

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Studyonlinebc.ca is an initiative of Contact North BC. Contact North BC is a pilot project supported by the British Columbia provincial government to provide access to learners in Northwest British Columbia. More than 20 communities in the region are hosting students whom will access academic programming without leaving their home community.  Participating communities include:

Through our contact us page, our staff will respond and assist you with your search for online courses and programs and can answer your questions about available online programs and courses. We can also assist you with registering and connecting you to support services or other information you may need. Contact Us today. Our friendly staff are happy to help you find education or training information or supports you are looking for.

Contact North BC is managed and operated by Contact North | Contact Nord, Ontario’s community-based bilingual distance education and training network helping underserved Ontario residents in 1,300 small, rural, remote, Indigenous and Francophone communities access education and training without leaving their communities. Contact North | Contact Nord has been in operation since 1986 and funded continuously by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Colleges and Universities.